How to use Conditional Comments in HTML

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Many of us would have come across scenarios where we wanted a different Stylesheet or CSS properties for IE (Internet Explorer). While many would have resorted to Feature detection/browser detection there is an easier approach to achieve this. You can use Conditional comments to target Internet Explorer or different versions of IE. Conditional Comments are … Read more

How to optimize png images ?

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Well its a fact that a large number of us use PNG images on their website. Most of us might keep images in PNG format for the sake of transparency, clarity and so on. While they are really good, usually the size or the weight of PNG images are quite high when compared to JPG … Read more

What is a bulletin board code or BBCode?

What is bbcode and how do I use it?

Most of us must have noticed custom markup tags being used in comment boxes and discussion forums. These custom markups would help you to format a text to make it bold, italics, add images, add url etc. Remember those? Well, these are known as BBCode or Bulletin Board Code. BBCode or Bulletin Board Code is … Read more

How to use Google web fonts ?

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Over the time if you notice, the web is becoming more beautiful and pleasant. People have actually become more serious about UX, UI, Typography and the related technologies. One of the important steps towards this is using pretty fonts. There are many ways to use custom fonts on your website but one of the easiest … Read more

How to replace all occurrences of a string in JavaScript?

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Out of the different “Data Types” in JavaScript, String has been one of my favorites. It is also one of the most widely used Data Type. It would not be an understatement to say that most of our programming activities revolve around some kind of string. Many times you would come across scenarios in JavaScript … Read more

How to make placeholder work in IE ?

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One of the exciting features of HTML5 is the “placeholder” attribute. This new attribute has helped web developers save a lot of time as without it we would have had to write JavaScript code to simulate the same. But now with the arrival of the placeholder attribute, we just need to include this attribute in our input … Read more

What is a constructor in Javascript ?

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If you have been working on or learning Object Oriented JavaScript, you must have come across the word “constructor” a number of times. A constructor is basically a function that is used to set the properties and methods of an Object. Generally you may use “this” keyword within the Constructor function a lot and the … Read more

What are Polyfills in Javascript?

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With HTML5 and JavaScript getting popular, a large number of developers have moved on to HTML5 and JavaScript based development. It has indeed helped developers to implement extra features as well as save a lot of time during development too. But one of the most common issues of web development, i.e Cross-Browser compatibility, still exists. … Read more

NetBiscuits – Getting Started

Netbiscuits Getting Started

What is Netbiscuits? Netbiscuits is a platform for the development and delivery of next generation web apps across all mobile and connected devices. In other words, It is a platform that helps you in developing and delivering mobile device specific websites or webapps. In order to develop webapps using netbiscuits platform, you will have to … Read more