How to show ellipsis in CSS? Simple solution!

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We all would have come across scenarios where we wanted to show a certain part or section of a paragraph and then truncate the rest with an ellipsis ( … ) suffixed at the end. An ellipsis in CSS is generally used to show that there is more content, but it has been omitted. The … Read more

Unsemantic CSS framework tutorial and Guide

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What is Unsemantic? Unsemantic is a CSS framework that is responsive and based on fluid grid system that uses percentages instead of fixed pixels.  Like any other CSS framework, Unsemantic too has pre-prepared CSS classes that would make web page development easier. Unsemantic is popularly knows to be the successor of the famous 960Grid CSS framework. … Read more

How to use Crossroads.js? A tutorial with examples

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Are you making a Single Page Application  or an SPA ? And Do you want to update the URL of the page without reloading the page? Do you want your page to respond to the change in the URL without reloading the page? In Short, if you are looking for a javascript routing library then … Read more